Toyota Tsusho Marine Fuels Corporation, a leading company of bunker oil, biofuels and LNG for vessels

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A Member of the Toyota Tsusho Group

We provide a stable fuel supply to various types of vessels that call ports around the world. In addition, we have steadily accumulated a track record of supplying new alternative fuels such as biofuels and LNG in response to the new needs of customers in the shipping industry, following the acceleration of decarbonization to ship fuels. As a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we will actively promote our efforts in this field going forward.

  • Bunker Oil

    We provide conventional ship fuels, primarily low-sulfur heavy oil and diesel, to Japanese ship owners along with more than 300 ship owners around the world.

  • Biofuels

    We primarily provide biofuels derived from WCO (Waisted Cooking Oil). We have a history of supplying to major Japanese shipping companies and we expect to grow significantly within this field in the future. However, since the current biofuel supply is limited worldwide, ensuring stable supply is our next challenge going forward.

  • LNG

    We have started Japan’s first LNG bunker oil operation base in Nagoya Area. This enables us to ensure a stable supply to major ship owners.

About us

We contribute to accelarate the carbon neutral society by introducing and promoting the use of environmentally friendly marine fuel

We are a leading company in the wholesale of fuel oil for various vessels. Headquartered in Tokyo, with overseas bases in Singapore, Shanghai, London, and New York. Established in December 2022 with 100% capital share owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation, we aim to expand our marine business for new alternative fuels in addition to conventional marine fuels by leveraging our existing overseas sales network through collaboration with the Toyota Tsusho Group, by engaging in the development of biofuels and LNG businesses in anticipation of a carbon neutral future.

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